1. Managing the council’s sources of revenue, finances, and budget reports.
  2. Conduct analysis and feasibility studies on system processes and information management, with the goal of utilizing computerization to maximize management efficiency.
  3. Process Stage I and Stage II SBKS layout applications, process and review SBKS applications for land partitioning / parcel merger, applications for government land, applications for Temporary Occupancy License (LPS), applications for land use change, applications to extend lease period, and land applications for privatization projects under UPENJ.
  4. Process applications for the naming of parks, roads, and houses as well as identify data / planning information within the MPJBT’s area of jurisdiction.
  5. Coordinate the processes of formulating Structural and Local Planning, as well as provide for an Area Action Plan and gazette the expansion of areas under the Johor Bahru Tengah Municipal Council.
  6. Provide assessment in rating on the increase in value of private holdings within the jurisdiction of MPJBT, and provide a list of assessments under Section 137 Act 171 once in every 5 years, or during extension periods with the consent of State Authorities.
  7. Amend the list of assessments under Section 144 Act 171 when necessary, carry out General Reassessment work, and issue the proper notices on property tax assessment which may occur from such amendments - Section 144(2) Act 171.
  8. To process transfers of property ownership as provided by Section 160 Act 171 and carry out assessment work for Rate Supporting Contributions on buildings owned by the Federal or State Government and its Statutory Bodies provided for under Article 156 of the Federal Constitution.
  9. To process applications for remission on unoccupied buildings provided for under Section 162 Act 171, and manage the Council's assets from tenancy, maintenance, and security and even building cleanliness.
  10. Implementation of prosecution, legislation and rules control management / usage of parking spaces.
  11. To process, evaluate and issue new licenses and billboards on a variety of business licenses including:
    • Business license and billboard
    • Hawker license and night market
    • Market license, arcade, stall
    • Seasonal license, promo license
  12. Planning and regulating business and development activities of small traders and study / determine policies and conditions in awarding licenses, from time to time.
  13. Review and process applications of landscaping plans, providing guidance and regulating landscaping undertaken by housing developers, carrying out construction and landscaping work, including upgrading landscaping along main roads and public places.
  14. Ensure landscape work keeps to schedule, as well as ensure that the landscape developments for the Council are properly maintained and provide saplings and flower plants for maintenance and interior decoration.
  15. Maintain greenery across the Council's jurisdiction, and serve as a catalyst in landscape development throughout the MPJBT Administration area.